First Packet Post

I have first thought about starting a blog somewhere in 2004. I had always been interested in a form of public communication and blogging seemed the right way to do that, at least for me.

Back then, it was a page on I have successfully deleted it afterwards, as I have soon realized I do not have enough information to share, or, lets say, was still confused how and what should I publicly communicate.

Amsterdam Flower Market

Years have passed and changed the way I see things (strangely enough, I see things more flat today). Since, I’ve been always finding an excuse not to try blogging, until today. The social networking boomed for me somewhere in 2006-2007, it was interesting back then, but, with all the add-ons, huge number of useless posts, I soon realized it was definitely getting out of the format of the way I see a discussion.

It looks like 2010 might be the right time for a new start. I have yet to define the format of my publishing. Most likely it would be a personal blog with emphasis on technology, photo, personal thoughts and findings.

I have yet to define a header for the blog. The tulips that I have placed today are a crop from a picture I have taken years ago in the flower market in central Amsterdam.

I have started writing in English, though, most likely I would be flapping back and forth and post in the language I am most comfortable with.

Happy blogging!!! :))


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