Levels of Privacy, Disclosure and PR

One thing that has kept me a long time from blogging (as well as the one that stops me from being too active in the social networks), is the thing that I have never knew what the right level of disclosure is?

Let’s face it, information today is the main deliverable, as well as the main arm in ones hands. Not that I would hold the secrets of the universe, however, the concept of valuable information vs how public any information is, was, and still is creating a serious clash in my mind.

From one side Internet has made almost everything public. This means that whatever you do, whatever you say, has most probably been done or said before (I refer to professional activity mainly). From the other side, here you are, doing this same thing that the Internet is full with, however, working for someone you should start considering what are you actually allowed to publicly say?

There is a lot of information in the day-to-day activity that is not marked in any way to show the impact it would have if disclosed. It starts growing around you, and, one day, it seems hard to filter your personal thoughts, while  fulfilling the natural wish of knowledge sharing (obvious for someone with a technical background).

I have mentioned the PR in the title of this post. It is obvious, and I have confirmed it for myself for a couple of times, that PR department in the end, is the one to speak for any commercial entity. However, again, I am still confused about what is the “image” type of information vs professional informational flow. And man do this guys insist to deliver first :))

To sum it up. I was looking for a good book, or  a good link to an author, specialized in privacy and disclosure ethics. Sure, it varies from one situation to another, however, I was wondering if any common norms and sense has been achieved? Anyone?

With the advance of technology, a balance between all public and a bit of private is to be defined. What would that private bit be? Sure looks like an interesting topic to study!


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