Time Management, 2 Weeks Summary

Ok, so, here is the point. I have always admired those guys that have their personal blogs, able to deliver constructive thoughts and creative ideas, even if those have been produced elsewhere, rethought, and reposted as a comment about the former.

I have now realized that, besides a proper way of expression, time management is probably the most important virtue of a blogger. It is obvious, a good post takes time. If this is just a random flow of ideas as this one, it might be 30 minutes, if it is a research post, an overview etc. it might take days. For those involved, 30 minutes is sometimes an awful amount of time.

It is 2 weeks from my last post, and I have hardly took the time to post those extras that I have in mind.

First of all. As stated in one of the earlier posts, I have started the CCDA preparation (as a prerequisite for the CCDP). The obvious suspects are as always the “recommended reading resources” from Cisco. The official exam preparation guides are a good way to start. Though, most concepts should be very familiar to anyone that is working on the daily basis with networking, and especially those already holding Cisco certifications, I was quite impressed that the CCDA topics, even being an entry-level cert, are covering a real volume of very useful information. Of course, it is all pure theory on the associate level, however, the Design part is rather well structured and has a scope of developing an analytical sense and a structured approach to find design solutions for any need. I have even started thinking, that such an easy conceptual overview should be an annual mandatory course for any engineer that has anything to do with planning, and it would be better, if this was tought before the annual planing events :)) Besides the planning part, networking is rather standard, with some interesting emphasis on Voice Architectures, Wireless Networking standards, and some basic overview of security and management. Again, nothing absolutely special, just well structured reading to refresh your mind.

The second part of this post is related to stuff I have recently encountered. First of all, a speech of JK Rowling on TED. Nothing mind-blowing, however, there is a strong point delivered. Worth listening.

Another guy on TEDMED talking about his world record. If he has really done that, than, well, it just demonstrates once again that through practice more can be achieved than most of us have ever thought of. Quite impressive. Gives one the extra stamina to believe that human power is limited only to what you limit it yourself.

Thats all folks. Will keep moving with the CCDA, and besides, hope to be back shortly with another interesting technical topic.


2 thoughts on “Time Management, 2 Weeks Summary

  1. On Security …I would be interested to see what’s new on the VOIP Security….everyone is implementing it these days…but security of voip is very often overlooked.

    “human power is limited only to what you limit it yourself.” – well said and fully agree…

    keep it going….u’ve got at least a reader…


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