IPv6 Capable Mobile Handsets & USB Dongles

If you’ve been active in IPv6 area for some time now, you have probably found already the very good GetIPv6 Wiki Page

What you probably haven’t seen yet (at least I haven’t) is a comprehensive list of mobile handsets and USB dongles that have been tested and are known to support IPv6.

I decided to compile such a list. It strictly includes those devices that are commercially available, have been tested and are known to work. IPv6 support is described for both GPRS/UMTS and WiFi interfaces. All the data provided is to best of my knowledge, but can change in time. I would advice you recheck yourself when you get around the gear.

The spreadsheet with the list of mobile devices supporting IPv6 can be found here.

I would appreciate contributions to make the list as complete and correct as possible.


3 thoughts on “IPv6 Capable Mobile Handsets & USB Dongles

  1. I don’t believe there is a single GPRS USB dongle (3G / HSPA / etc) on the market that supports IPv6 over the air e.g. IPv6 PDP as per RFC3314. I’ve tested all those I could get from Nokia, Ericcson, Option, ZTE and Hauwei, and none support it.


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