Online Learning – Embrace the Opportunity!

Updated: TED now also jumps in the game, in its own, TED way 🙂 Welcome TED-Ed. End of the article.

2012 is the year of online learning. It was definitely possible to study before but today it is easy, accessible and well structured. I believe these are life changing opportunities for a lot of people.

Following, a couple of resources I use myself and some videos of the folks that made it happen!

Khan Academy. One of the game changers and a hugely popular resource.

And here is the guy behind it! What he and his team are doing is simply amazing!

Udacity. The great resource for people interested in computer science.


Youtube Channels of MIT and Stanford


A possible game changer could be the MITx project that is rolling out now.



And TED is trying to do it in its own way!


I hope you enjoy it and I highly recommend you embrace this great opportunities for self study.


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