Mikrotik IPv6 Support

I was looking at the Mikrotik IPv6 page today. This guys are making tremendous progress.

Not bad for a 50$ device.

MikroTik IPv6 support at the moment:

  • DHCPv6 prefix delegation for DHCP server.
  • DHCPv6-PD client.
  • IPv6 Prefix Delegation over PPP interfaces.
  • static addressing and routing;
  • router advertisement daemon (for address autoconfiguration);
  • dynamic routing: BGP+, OSPFv3, and RIPng protocols;
  • firewall (filter, mangle, address lists, connection table);
  • queue tree, simple queue, pcq;
  • DNS name servers;
  • 6in4 (SIT) tunnels;
  • EoIPv6, ip/ipv6 over ipv6 (IPIPv6) tunnel interface (starting from v5RC6)
  • IPSEC;
  • VRRPv3;
  • all PPP (Point-to-point protocols);
  • SSH, telnet, FTP, WWW access, Winbox, API;
  • ping;
  • traceroute;
  • web proxy;
  • sniffer and fetch tools;
  • IP services and User allowed IPv6 address support;
  • torch, bandwidth test and other tools;

Features not yet supported:

  • automatic tunnel creation;
  • policy routing;
  • multicast routing;
  • MPLS;

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