The week that was: OpenStack Summit Barcelona

OpenStack Summit Barcelona is now history, and here are a couple of takeaways.

The Summit

The Interop Challenge was a fantastic exercise and a great showcase of the strong community around OpenStack.

When it comes to the hot topics at the Summit – containers were all the rage. There was literally no conversation out there that wouldn’t touch containers in a way or another – both as a way to handle the deployment complexity of OpenStack (underlay), or as a way to leverage OpenStacks IaaS capabilities and serve containers easily at scale (overlay).

Watch the fantastic presentation of my fellows from SUSE, Flavio and Michal on using Magnum on top of SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

And while the overlay is exciting and great, the underlay – which has been all the rage at the Summit, while makes total sense, raises reasonable concerns about complexity of the whole stack and either realistically, operators would be able to adopt and operate the technology at scale.

A good session explaining the new stack came from Rob Hirschfeld, a very solid overview that sums it all up.

Infrastructure as a code topic is hot, well and alive – at least with the developer crowd. I have witnessed however at least a couple of cases where the assumptions of developers did not meet the reality of sysadmins in the session, who are not necessarily ready to jump ship and write a thousand lines of code to run their stack, while having a beer.

The market starts to slowly consolidate – and I think we will see some solid changes in what happens around OpenStack in the year to come.

The City

Barcelona was fantastic, sunny, warm and tasty. A great escape from the cold winds and rainy weather of central Europe.


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